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Nicole Richie resurrects 00’s for her Paper Magazine shoot

Juicy Couture tracksuits and chihuahuas

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Nicole Richie may have first gained national notoriety for starring in The Simple Life alongside Paris Hilton, but these days she is an entrepreneur, designer, and fashion maven. For her Paper Magazine shoot, Richie searched her fashion archives for all of the clothing and accessories that perfectly represents her 00’s style.

In one shot, Richie poses in a green Juicy Couture terrycloth tracksuit while blowing bubble gum and holding a Starbucks coffee and a Blackberry. “Hey B*tch” is written across the coffee cup, which is a nod to the era’s slang and lingo.

The reality TV star turned designer used to always step out with her Chihuahua in tow. She teleported to the good old days posing with a tiny Chihuahua and sporting dark hair, leather leggings, and an oversized sequined sweater dress.

If you were ever curious what a shopping spree with 2000’s Nicole Richie looked like, you’re in luck. She takes us back to her days as queen of boho style, wearing oversized sunglasses, a fedora, an Alexander McQueen skull printed scarf, and black UGG boots, surrounded by a sea of Kitross shopping bags. Kitross is a boutique in Los Angeles, CA on Robertson Blvd.

The 36-year-old also recreated some more recent looks such as her 2013 Met Gala ensemble. She sported an embroidered gown and bright white colored wig.

Richie commented on the consistencies of her changing style saying,

“I’ve always been attracted to color, to a certain drape, a certain fit. I’m never one to shy away from a headpiece. All of those things have stayed consistent, just different versions of them.”

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