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Stila’s Magnificent Metals Liquid Eyeshadows: a girl’s best friend

Magic for the eyes

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Just last year Stila Cosmetics revolutionized the makeup world with the launch of their magnificent metals liquid eyeshadows. The almost sinful liquid eyeshadows became an instant hit due to their ease of use, instant beauty and multipurpose.

The makeup brand has perfected two different formulas to provide a wide range of colors and textures. The original collection is called Glitter & Glow- “long-wearing sparkle eyeshadow combines the perfect mix of pearl and glitter to lavish eyes with incredible luster and shimmer.” Featuring 14 drool-worthy shades ranging from deep rich browns to sheer pinks and lavenders.

For the second assortment of colors called Shimmer & Glow- “rich, beautiful color with a high shimmer-sheen, minus the glitter!” the label showcases 11 unique shades including rose gold hues that can double as a highlight and a pigmented pale blue shade that screams summer perfection.

The cosmetic brand is often coming up with new shades to add to the collection as fans can’t seem to get enough. On to the nitty-gritty of the product, these liquid eyeshadows are one of the most convenient makeup items to own, their ease of application makes them a top contender for those that want to use one product and still look chic. The liquid shadows be applied on their own for a sheer, almost trendy wet look or as a topper over eyeshadow for a multidimensional visual.

They can also be applied as eyeliners for a glitter liner effect or as an edgy highlight with a beauty sponge. Additionally, the product is extremely long wearing once it has dried down. The only way to completely remove these off the eye area is to use an oil-based makeup remover.

Stila Cosmetics has created a product that can easily be considered a girl’s best friend, they simply work well for any occasion, all skin tones, and areas of the face. Whatever shade the brand comes up with next is sure to be a hit with their cult following.

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