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Howerdel and Keenan show their genius on “Eat the Elephant”

Long overdue, but worth the wait.

Fourteen years was worth the wait, as A Perfect Circle finally releases their 4th studio album Eat the Elephant.

Fourteen years have gone by since the last A Perfect Circle album, and since then fans have been salivating for their next fix.  Their previous studio album eMotive was released in 2004 to critical acclaim. But the band took a timeout after the album to focus on their other various projects leaving fans to want and patiently wait, for new material.

Formed in 1999, A Perfect Circle release their fourth album, Eat The Elephant, on April 20 via BMG. Featuring the songs “TalkTalk, “The Doomed” and “Disillusioned,” the band helmed by Billy Howerdel and Maynard James Keenan found a renewed sense of purpose and inspiration as they began to pen the songs that would become Eat The Elephant. The 12-song release was co-produced and mixed by Dave Sardy (Autolux, Slayer, Oasis) over the latter part of 2017.

This new release has been so long awaited; many fans didn’t know if it would come to pass. But as they say, good things come to those who wait and did they ever. In this 12-track new release, Howerdel and Keenan have shown their musical genius has only gotten better with time, and with James Iha, Matt McJunkins, and Jeff Friedl rounding out the balance, this newest work is as close to perfection as one could get.

Their classic sound of haunting vocals, accompanied by powerful drums, evocative guitar and bass, and the most delicate and lithe piano chords has only gotten better with time, and it shows.

The title track “Eat the Elephant” opens up this new chapter in the band’s journey with a slow jazz-like rock infusion of drum and piano that accentuate Keenan’s vocals. The song is a quiet and sumptuous a pleasant ushering back into the sound of the unique band.

As the album goes on songs like “The Doomed,” “TalkTalk,”  “Hourglass,” “Feathers,” and “The Contrarian,” stick out as songs that will be classics among the fans. Overall, the fourth studio album by this collection of musical juggernauts was more than worth the wait; it may be one of their best yet.

Rating 5/5

Listen: A Perfect Circle Eat the Elephant



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