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John Targon says goodbye to Marc Jacobs after 2 months

Could it be for the better?


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On Tuesday, John Targon parted ways with Marc Jacobs’ contemporary brand as creative director, only after two months. Targon was hired in February to oversee the lower-priced portion of the contemporary collection, along with his own designers that were brought on board to design his vision.

The Baja East co-founder’s position was never clarified as the contemporary collection was on edges with its low sales. According to WWD, Marc Jacobs International released a statement in regards to their parting, “John Targon is a talented designer and we appreciate the work he has done here.

Ultimately working together did not make sense for the brand and we wish him the best.”

The American brand consists of two portions: runway collections and contemporary collections. Prior to Targon joining the team, the brand’s contemporary collection began to close few stores and consisted of layoffs due to sales suffering. The brand also began to confuse certain customers and retailers as they’ve combined both Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs. Featuring watches, handbags, backpacks, and sunglasses, Marc by Marc Jacobs differs from runway pieces as they’re considered as exclusive sale styles.

The LVMH-owned brand is expected to determine its product strategy as it is constantly compared to its previous productions. Targon has yet to comment on an official reason for the parting. The designer will continue with Baja East brand, but remaining of Marc by Marc Jacobs still lingers. It is only expected that Marc Jacobs is considering changes for the better.

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