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Kanye West announces he’s working on two new albums

Yeezy back at it again

Kanye West’s Twitter is working on overdrive.

Kanye West has had a big week. First, he began writing a “philosophy book in real time” as he felt no one would give him a book deal. Then, per GQhe tweeted a picture of a showroom full of Yeezy sneakers and other various merchandise. Then he announced the release of new projects from both Pusha T and Teyana Taylor.

But the biggest news from Yeezy was that he would be dropping not one, but two albums.

First to be released is a solo album on June 1st. According to Kanye, it has seven songs and is technically an EP. As Kanye can be fairly flighty and spur-of-the-moment, fans are thrilled, but slightly hesitant that this album will in fact be released on June 1st.

However, the second album he announced with Kid Cudi is much more concrete.

The powerful duo will be releasing their album under the name Kids See Ghost on June 8. As GQ points out, this is much more likely as they’ve taken the necessary steps to secure the name.

As with any album release, they have trademarked the standard list: name, music videos, streaming, etc. But they have also trademarked an entire closet worth of clothes.

For his last album, Kanye embraced the pop up shop and sold a bevy of merchandise emblazoned with the album’s affiliates to a great deal of success.

It’s unsurprising that he would already be thinking ahead on this project to what sort of merchandise potential it has. The list includes everything from the standard t-shirts and sweatshirts to the more bizarre with pocket squares and rompers.

The albums mark the first solo release since 2016’s Life of Pablo and the first collaborative album since 2011’s Watch the Throne with Jay-Z.

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