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Recap: Jessica Jones Episode Six “AKA Facetime”

Jessica Jones‘ investigation leads her to a reunion she could never have possibly imagined.

In the closing seconds of the previous episode, Jessica had cornered the IGH Patient and the mysterious Dr. Karl Malus who performed experiments on the both of them. The IGH patient, however, punched a shattering hole in the aquarium causing a frenzy of people running to the exits.

As Jessica ran outside, she discovered her phone had become completely drenched with water. That is one of the most endearing things about Jessica Jones. Captain America’s choice of weapon is his shield. Thor has his hammer. And despite her super strength, Jessica’s main weapon as a P.I. is her cellphone. A cellphone she has to buy rice for in hopes of fixing it.

Not too much is revealed in this episode, except for the one MAJOR reveal at the end (more on that later.) Hogarth’s predictable true intentions with Inez, the homeless former IGH nurse Jessica saved, is further revealed. When Inez discovers Hogarth’s pills for her ALS, Inez discloses to her that she knew of a powered person at IGH who had healing powers.

Trish addiction to Simpson’s inhaler develops further as she acts like a rabid addict throughout most of the episode. Trish is desperate to be a hero throwing herself into danger high on the effects of the inhaler. Her inhibitions are unlocked with each puff of the inhaler. It even leads to a random hookup with Jessica’s partner, Malcolm.

Speaking of hookups, Jessica and Oscar finally seal the deal. The two who are drowning in their own misery throw themselves at each other as they have sex over a canvas covered in purple paint. Oscar paints a picture of Jessica as she’s sleeping which can either be considered sweet or very creepy.

Jessica later digs up information on a wealthy man named Ambrose, a friend of Dr. Karl Malus, who has apparently been paying Malus’ expenses for years. When Jessica visits Ambrose for information on Malus’ whereabouts, Ambrose discloses he knows about IGH and about the experiments conducted on Jessica. He says Karl work helped his son who was born deformed. Ambrose praises Malus for the work he has done and declared he would never do anything to betray his trust.

Frustrated by his uncooperative response, Jessica tracks down Ambrose’s son and proceeds to wait outside of his apartment complex. Jessica then muscles him into handing over his cellphone and then Jessica facetime Ambrose personally. On the facetime call, Jessica shows Ambrose she has his son in an awkward predicament. Ambrose concedes and discloses the location of Malus.

When Jessica arrives at the location, its the same house shown in a previous episode belonging to the nameless IGH patient. The home is so immaculate and quiet; it feels as if Jessica is walking into a trap. She passes the kitchen which is littered with test tubes and syringes. The kitchen is unkempt and looks more like a science lab than a place to prepare a meal.

Jessica descends downstairs to the basement where she comes across a heavy metal door with multiple locks. Jessica easily muscles her way into the room and discovers a patient bed equipped with chains. As Jessica looks around the room, she discovers an old framed photo of herself and her younger (deceased) brother. The mysterious IGH patient steps into the room with Dr. Malus looming behind her. The patient pulls off her wig revealing a scarred and deformed scalp. She looks at Jessica and reveals herself to be Jessica’s mother.

Quite the shocker. It had been said that Jessica’s family had all died in the car crash that led to Jessica receiving her powers from IGH. Now Jessica will be forced to contend with doing whats right and bring her to justice or protect the only living family member she has left.

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