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Recap: Lost In Space Episode Two – Diamonds In The Sky

The second episode in the rebooted Netflix series, Lost In Space, introduces Don West and just how evil Dr. Smith really is.

The reboot of the science fiction family drama, Lost In Space, isn’t afraid to show just how deadly and dangerous space travel can be. Despite meeting Robot (who in this incarnation of the series is a techno-organic being from space) the Robinson’s biggest threat has been their own surroundings. The alien world they have crash-landed in presents a whole new slew of environmental hazards.

The episode picks up with another crashed Jupiter ship. Pilot Don West hangs precariously over the age with his ship that is quickly falling apart. His co-pilot, Cam did not survive the impact of the crash. However, Dr. Smith survived with minor cuts and bruises. Not to mention the third survivor, West’s trusty chicken who West may or may not eat by the end of the episode.

This episode focuses less on the flashbacks and more on the revelation of many unanswered questions. Like who is Dr. Smith? What caused the Resolute space station to explode? Where is this alien planet located anyways?

As the episode unfolds, John Robinson doesn’t trust Robot. He also doesn’t particularly care for how close Will is getting so close to it. Despite this, the Robinsons work with Robot to melt their way down to their submerged Jupiter-2 starship and begin the process of bringing it back online.

Judy is suffering from a form of PTSD after being frozen under the ice. She sits out most of the episode, mainly trying to bring the Jupiter-2 back up to sea-level. Meanwhile, we learn more about Don West. Despite his claims about being a selfish jerk who only cares about himself, he does spend a lot of time looking out for Dr. Smith (who is clearly out of her element) and carries around an unconscious crash survivor.

Smith discloses that she isn’t a medical doctor but a psychologist. She constantly holds onto her religious pendant saying it belonged to her brother who has passed away. It is revealed that the alien planet isn’t fully covered in ice either. Like we saw in the first episode, some of the planet is lush with forest green, not too far away, however, is the cold icy area where the Robinsons landed. Where Smith and West are traveling it is almost like a rocky desert setting.

When John, Maureen, Will, and Robot go to search for other survivors, they come across a downed alien craft, the same craft that Robot came from. As John and Maureen go inside the crashed ship, Will teaches Robot how to play catch outside. When the ball is thrown underneath some debris, Robot goes to lift it up. Robot’s touch causes the ship to come online as John and Maureen discover on the inside. Robot remembers what he did on the Resolute space station. The Robot went berserk killing everyone in sight. Will sees the flashback and is startled.

Inside the alien ship, John and Maureen discover a map of the planet that zooms out to reveal an unknown galaxy very different from the Milky Way. They realize just how lost they really are. When Robot catches up to Will, Will demands to know why Robot did what he did. Robot does not remember why. It is during this time Will realizes Robot can understand basic commands.

Back at the Jupiter-2, Penny sees a powerful storm is heading for her family and decides to rescue them via the four-wheeled chariot (a callback from the classic tv show). As the storm surges around Smith and West, the two and the unconscious pilot find shelter in a nearby cave. Smith loses her pendant and pleads with Smith to go back out into the storm to retrieve it. When he returns, Smith explains that one of them has to go and try and find survivors. She decides to brave the storm and tell West to stay with the unconscious pilot.

When the storm finally arrives in the Robinson’s area, it begins to pour shards of diamonds down upon them. As the family huddles around a tree stump, Penny arrives in the chariot and saves them. They all escape the storm and make their way back to the Jupiter-2.

On the way back they see a signal flare in the distance and come up Smith and declares she is the only survivor. Smith looks at Will and says she always wanted a brother like him. This sets up Smith’s lie about her entire backstory is revealed. Its further revealed just how devious she is when back at the cave West discovers Smith stole his flare gun when she pleaded with him to retrieve her pendant. Also the fact that Smith lied saying she was the only survivor.

Back at the Jupiter-2 Smith runs into Robot and remembers it killing people while aboard the Resolute. A great second episode that sets some interesting conflicts in future episodes. Parker Posey does a good job playing the devious Dr. Smith. How Smith will be played out throughout the rest of the series remains to be seen but some excellent groundwork has been established.


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