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WATCH: Bullet For My Valentine premieres video for ‘Over It’

Get over it.

Bullet For My Valentine premieres video for fierce and ripping new track “Over It”

Welsh heavy metal outfit Bullet For My Valentine are stoking the fires of excitement within their fan base recently with the promise of a soon to be released sixth studio album, Gravity.

In doing so, they have just released a brand new video for the single “Over It”, which was put out earlier this month.

The “Over It” video can be described using the following adjectives: claustrophobic, macabre, bloody, with a dash of psychedelia.

It features the band jamming in a dark warehouse-like environment with spotlights flashing intermittently at them while a mysterious woman looks like she is bleeding but then turns out she is being coated with some black substance that makes her look like a mysterious being from beyond the cosmos.

Singer and rhythm guitarist Matt Tuck recently sat down with NME to discuss the approach to the upcoming album, describing how different and off the wall it will be, saying:

“We tried to make it a different sounding record, we’ve tried to approach songwriting differently.

I think initially it’s going to take a lot of people by surprise by the way it sounds and the instrumentation we’ve incorporated into it this time.

But I think as soon as the dust settles and people get to live with it… it’s a corker. It rocks… it sounds incredible. It sonically sounds better than anything we’ve ever done.”

Gravity comes out June 29 via Search And Destroy/Spinefarm Records.

Bullet For My Valentine is also about to embark on a rather expansive world tour that will take them all over North America, Europe, and parts of Asia as well starting this Friday.

Dates and tickets for the tour can be found as well as purchased here.

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Watch: Bullet For My Valentine Over It

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