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BILLY reveals their Spring/Summer 2018 Lookbook

A new palette

The Los Angeles-operated label BILLY is back with a warm weather Lookbook range called Establishment. Created with the astute yet laid-back man in mind the collection features for the first time, hues of lavender and green mixed in with its traditional monochromatic hues of brown, black, white, and gray.

The array of colors are perfectly paired with sleek silhouettes that form the unisex feel the range displays. BILLY has always been labeled as a unisex brand that conforms to nobody yet has a piece for everybody.

The assortment brings forth loose-fitting T-shirts, A-line hoodies, baggy sweatpants with simple, subtle branding in hues of white, black or orange for an upgraded appeal without much-added color, shoelace belted snap trousers with clean outlines and a statement vest that says XX55 CAMO FLIGHT that stole the show.

The collection is currently available for order on and official retail sellers.

The array proposes classic BILLY aesthetics while still having a freshness to it that is perfect for the warmer months. Once again, the label is able to capture the ingenuity of what a discerned unisex collection should feel like. BILLY is a brand that no matter the trend or the season it continues to remain true to itself.

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