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Kanye West announces split from manager Scooter Braun

Parting of the ways

Kanye West is in the market for a new team lead.

Kanye West has been very busy lately. Last week he announced a new solo EP as well as a new album under the moniker Kids See Ghost with Kid Cudi that are both meant to come out in June.

Next was the philosophical book he was penning via Twitter. Then he posted photos of a studio filled with clothing and Yeezy sneakers presumably to announce that he would have another collection launch soon.

Now he’s announced that he has split from his manager Scooter Braun. Braun manages other major acts such as Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande, but it seems Kanye has dropped him after two and a half years and would like to keep things more in-house.

Kanye wanted to opt “out of retaining a traditional relationship with an outside music manager or lawyer” and have everyone work specifically for him full-time, according to Billboard.

Despite wanting to lead the traditional music industry relationships behind and claiming that he’s “no one’s client,” Kanye still maintains a record deal with Def Jam and a publishing contract with Sony/ATV.

The news of Scooter Braun being let go comes after Kanye announced earlier this year that he would also no longer be working with his other manager Izvor “Izzy” Zivkovic after working together for nearly a decade.

However, Kanye is not the first artist who has chosen to take this path in their career. With people finding it harder to trust outside sources, artists are keen on keeping a keep entirely dedicated to their career and no one else’s. Artists such as Beyonce, Bruno Mars and Kanye’s arch nemesis Taylor Swift have chosen to keep their teams in-house.

Cutting ties with both managers just before an album release might signify a lapse in judgment, but Kanye believes that Kanye is always right.

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