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REVIEW: Godsmack rock inner strength in ‘When Legends Rise’

Take it to the edge.

Godsmack return to preach the message of realizing and using your own inner strength

American post-grunge metal warriors Godsmack have been waving the flag of balls to the wall guitar driven and profound emotion laced music since 1995 and have not slowed down one bit since.

Now, the band has released its seventh studio album When Legends Rise. Rising is definitely what the LP seems to bring to the table in terms of its overarching message.

The idea seems to be finding the strength within oneself to be able to rise to any challenge thrown by life whether it is from an outside source or from a battle raging violently inside.

When Legends Rise kicks off with some killer guitar riffing and thundering jungle drums in the album’s title track that opens the record. It sets the tone for what is to come for the rest of the album with lyrics about overcoming obstacles that present dire circumstances to rise into becoming a legend.

The album of course also has the obligatory ballad on there as well with the song “Under Your Scars”. It is piano and string section driven, but carries just as much emotional weight as any other heavier guitar driven song on the record due to it being about loving someone despite the fact that you fight with them a lot due to them having many emotional scars.

One of the more interesting songs was “Let It Out”. The guitar based intro had this absolutely delightful rhythm and lead guitar interplay. The rhythm was also somewhat bouncy and energetic, but not in a way where it seemed overly poppy. The only downside was a lot of that interplay seemed to get toned down in the mix once the verses came in.

Overall, what When Legends Rise lacks in sonic variety it makes up for in sheer raw power and a message that will resonate with many of the downtrodden fans who are struggling to get on in their lives. It is an empowering album to say the least and is good for some straight up hard rocking if that is what is being called for.

Rating: 3.25/5

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Listen: Godsmack When Legends Rise

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