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REVIEW: Skindred makes big noise and serious groove on ‘Big Tings’

Big tings going on here.

Skindred kick a serious heavy groove that could only lead to Big Tings

It is pretty easy to get stuck in a rut listening to the same bands or artists over and over again and not really experiencing anything different, cool, and new. Every once in a while though, the compulsion to try out that band mentioned in some back corner of the internet comes and it is an amazingly pleasant surprise. Such is the case with Skindred.

Today the Welsh reggae metal came out with their seventh studio album Big Tings, and it sure as hell does have some big things on it.

The title track which is also the album opener “Big Tings” is more than enough to hook anyone’s attention. It has this low, down and dirty, brown sound guitar groove that is backed up by a crash-boom-BANG dance-able rhythm. This track will immediately get anyone interested in the whole record.

“Machine” ironically has a rather similar groove, chord progression, and vibe to the 2007 Velvet Revolver classic “She Builds Quick Machines”. That said, it alters just enough to be its own thing and is still a good rocking time.

“Alive” has a distinctly different vibe to it. Rather than a deep, dirty, rocking sound it has a more upbeat electronic modern pop rock feel to it. The reggae style vocals definitely shine through the most clear here as well.

While Big Tings might not be the most mind blowing or completely original sound in terms of everything we have heard before, it is still different and far more than enough to have some relief from the same old, same old. It has some SERIOUS groove to it and will easily get a party going or at least some spirits lifted.

Rating: 4/5

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Listen: Skindred Big Tings

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