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Sarah Jessica Parker sued by jewelry designer Kat Florence

Diamonds are not SJP’s best friend


Photo: Instagram @katflorence

Sarah Jessica Parker is being sued by jewelry designer, Kat Florence, for failing to fulfill promotional duties for the company. The Sex and the City actress is facing the lawsuit after not doing enough to promote the line, even after being paid to do so.

Parker signed to the endorsement deal to promote the Sarah Jessica Parker D-Flawless Diamond collection. According to WWD, Florence’s corporate entity advised a New York federal court that Parker was given payments from $5 million in installments with 10 percent of all profits from sales. The licensing contract contains promotional duties such as interviews, public appearances and endorsing the line through photo shoots. Prior to the lawsuit, Florence tried to incorporate additional duties to the original contract such as, frequent Instagram posts and public appearances, which Parker declined.

Additionally, the lawsuit surfaced when the company planning a “red carpet” launch event in London, where Parker took three weeks to confirm her schedule. After Parker’s delay in confirming, the event was canceled but proceeded with the launch and gave partial payment considering the contract. Parker then advised she would be unavailable for promotional duties as her schedule was “hectic” as she filmed Divorce in early 2017.

According to Page Six, Parker’s failure to comply with the agreement has resulted in the company to suffer from a significant financial loss.

“Parker even refused to do the simplest of marketing and promotion such as follow Kat Florence Design on Instagram,” the court documents claimed.

“The failure of Parker to participate during this time period has resulted in the loss of the line, the loss of the London store, the loss of goodwill and has severely damaged the reputation of Kat Florence Designs,” the suit stated. Parker has yet to comment on the lawsuit allegations due to misrepresentation.


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