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FIT seeks to revoke Billy Cosby’s honorary degree

Another school adds themselves to the list

The Fashion Institute of Technology is seeking to revoke Bill Cosby’s honorary degree as soon as possible.

According to WWD, the FIT committee, which is a part of the State University of New York believes since the conviction of aggravated sexual assault against women Cosby’s accomplishments that allowed him to receive the honorary degree are no longer feasible. Additionally, the committee is appalled by his behavior and refuses to have the college and SUNY be associated with such- they do not condone or approve of Cosby’s actions.

The actor received the honorary degree in 2000 when his accomplishments were honored by the institution, long before any sexual misconduct allegations were known. The marks the first time that FIT suggests that an honorary degree should be revoked.

The State University of New York will make their final decision on this matter on Wednesday, May 2nd.

This is not the first institution to revoke Cosby’s honorary degrees, in fact, there is an extensive list of universities including, Cosby’s alma mater Temple University, Johns Hopkins University, Notre Dame, Boston College, University of Pennsylvania, Oberlin, Swarthmore College and Marquette University to name a few.

Sexual misconduct in Hollywood has become a huge problem as numerous different women have come forth almost on a monthly basis, sharing multiple different horror stories against many well-known and loved actors. May Bill Cosby’s punishment be an example for many that women will be heard, and they will share their truth regardless of how powerful or loved the assailant may be.

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