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Rage Against the Machine’s Brad Wilk almost joined Pearl Jam

Rage Against the Pearl?

History could have been much different had Rage Against the Machine drummer Brad Wilk joined Pearl Jam

It is always a rather interesting thing to find out things that may have been at one point in the history of music. Such is the case with Rage Against the Machine drummer Brad Wilk opening up about auditioning for Pearl Jam back in 1991.

Wilk recently sat down for an interview with Dean Delray to talk about the whole experience where Eddie Vedder had asked him to come audition just after Pearl Jam had just recorded their classic album Ten. Drummer Dave Krusen had to back out of the band due to drug problems and the band needed a replacement ASAP. Wilk says:

“They go to England to mix Ten, which Tim Palmer was doing, I get a call from Eddie, ‘We just lost our drummer, I’d love for you to come up and meet everybody. I’m going to send you the tape of the songs.'”

“I’m like shitting my pants, I’ve never been out of the country, I’ve got to go get my fucking passport, I’m listening to the songs, I’m super young [23 years old] and thinking, ‘This is my break, this is my time.’ I go to Europe and we play together, me and Eddie have this history, and we’re bonding over in Europe, but to the others I’m just the new guy.

Long story short, I go there, and I just don’t click musically, mostly with Jeff, who is an incredible bass player, awesome guy, and this is a classic case — it doesn’t matter how good you are, chemistry is everything. It just wasn’t clicking… I just wasn’t the guy.”

Since then, Wilk has gone on to do extraordinary things with Rage Against the Machine, AudioslaveProphets of Rage, and even Black Sabbath.

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