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Kanye West needs more time to contemplate new album 

Hello Cowboy State, Farewell Angeltown.

Leaving behind the city of flowers and sunshine to regain focus on delivering new album by June…

Kanye West has a lot on his agenda with little to no time to spare after promising a new album to drop by the time June arrives. Unfortunately for him, the outcome is unlikely considering the project isn’t even near done as of yet.

In an attempt to ensure the album’s arrival on time, the Chicago rapper reportedly grabbed the next flight out of Los Angeles on Wednesday (May 2) and made his way to a cloistered area in Wyoming.

There, West made himself comfortable in a private rental home aloft a mountain, where he immediately tuned into his work in complete solitary.

It was speculated that West will spend the next couple of weeks in the remote home stirring up new ideas, not only with his newest record but side projects he has with fellow rappers Pusha T, Nas, Teyana Taylor and Kid Cudi.

According to a series of Tweets he made last month, his album with Kid Cudi titled Kids See Ghost, was said to drop (June 8), just seven days after his album was issued for release, so it’s obvious that West is feeling the pressure especially since he took on a lot more than he could apparently handle in his industrious-driven lifestyle.

With a bit of somnolence away from the bustling noise in L.A., it’s hopeful that West will refresh his mind from his stay in the Cowboy State and learn the importance of a well-deserved break that avoids always feeding into his media hungry ego.

As of press time there’s no telling if the album with be complete by June 1, or if the date will be pushed back.

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