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Shawn Mendes collaborates with Khalid on new single “Youth”

Keeping the youth alive

Shawn Mendes has released another single.

After announcing the collaboration earlier this week, Shawn Mendes has released his latest single “Youth” in collaboration with singer Khalid.

Both Mendes and Khalid are under the age of 21, but are hoping to maintain the essence of their youth for as long as they both can. Or at least that’s what they proclaim on the new track.

Not so much the innocence, but the ability to see the bad in the world, recognize it and remember that it doesn’t need to tear you down.

Waking up to headlines
Filled with devastation again
My heart is broken
But I keep going

The single is unique in that the two singers create almost a double helix shape with each singer saying one line and then switching back and forth before coming together for the chorus.

You can’t take my youth away
This soul of mine will never break
As long as I wake up today
You can’t take my youth away

Their voices blend and separate, shining first over a simple guitar riff and then adding percussion over the chorus. As the song continues, it builds further with the second chorus having more of an upbeat melody.

During the bridge, the music suspends and allows Khalid’s voice fill the silence beautifully.

“Youth” is the third single that Shawn Mendes has released from his upcoming third album. It follows “Lost in Japan” and his current single that’s burning up the charts, “In My Blood.”

As all three tracks differ from one another, Billboard suggests “Youth” is likely to be “Mendes’ most R&B-esque tune to date.”

Mendes recently released the video for “In My Blood” in an effort to encapsulate the fight many face in terms of mental health.

As of now, the album does not have a release date.

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Watch: Shawn Mendes feat. Khalid Youth (Lyric Video)

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