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Watch: Babymetal unleashes their dark side in ‘Distortion’

The dark side unleashed…

At long last, Babymetal unleashes their dark side in music video for new single “Distortion”

Babymetal has been swinging in full force lately, preparing for their 2018 world tour, having a graphic novel in the works, starting their own record label, and more.

Now to get the excitement for their upcoming tour and graphic novel even more hotly stoked, they have released a brand new music video for a track called “Distortion”, which showcases the dark side of the band that they have kept hidden from the public until this moment.

The band released a statement with the video to explain it, saying:

“On April 1st, known as ‘Fox Day’, a new prophecy was revealed. The prophecy revealed that up until now we have only experienced the Light Side and there exists an unknown Dark Side, a legend of seven metal spirits, The Chosen Seven.

The new song Distortion explores the unrevealed Dark Side, The Apocrypha, the legend of seven metal spirits in which power is distorted through time and space.

The music video of this song presents this unknown side and marks the important beginning of a new legend.”

The song is that perfect blend of candy flavored pop with dark, aggressive in-your-face metal. The vocal styles alternate between melodic and harmonized as well as primal, low guttural vocals. The spritely synth riff is what brings everything together.

The video is indeed dark. It showcases a crimson lathered post-apocalyptic landscape with macabre masked gods as well as giant monsters witnessing and causing great deals of destruction with no one around to stop them.

Babymetal will be starting their world tour May 8. It will be their first tour since the death of their original guitar player Mikio Fujioka, who died by accidentally falling off a sky scraper last December.

Tickets to the upcoming tour can be found as well as purchased here.

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Watch: Babymetal Distortion

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