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Watch: Ghost perform two new songs live

The floodgates open…

Ghost is throwing out new songs like curve balls to get fans pumped on their U.S. tour…

Swedish doom metal warriors Ghost can’t seem to stay patient when it comes to their upcoming fourth studio album Prequelle, slated for release June 1 via Loma Vista Recordings.

Before hitting the road for their U.S. tour the band held a private show in Hollywood (May 4),  where they unveiled two new songs live titled “Danse Macabre,” and “Faith,” soaking in all the excitement a day before they embarked on their official 13-date trek.

Feeling generous, Ghost decided to open up the night by performing two more of their latest tracks called “Miasma” and “Pro Memoria,” not to mention an epic crowd pumping saxophone solo from Papa Nihil.

Both songs live up to their debut single “Rats,” staying true to their heavy metal signature sound, and while “Miasma,” comes off as a more ‘light’ sounding track it still sends chills down the spine all the same.

On the other hand “Pro Memoria,” leans heavy on the theatrical side gliding amid a mellowed out flowing beat that never seems to reach a climactic moment, but remains alluring enough to maintain the desire for more.

The album’s drop is expected to be a life-changing moment for Ghost since terminating the Papa Emeritus bloodline in order for the band to move forward and avoid growing “stale,” to their audience.

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Watch: Ghost Miasma (Live at Riverside Municipal Auditorium – 5/5/18)

Watch: Ghost Pro Memoria (Live at Riverside Municipal Auditorium – 5/5/18)

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