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INTERVIEW: Cameron Dietz is more than a “bleeding-heart” romantic

Pushing the DeLorean to 88mph

For someone who writes a lot about toxic relationships and heartbreak, Cameron Dietz is much more than just a “bleeding-heart romantic” with a lot to get off his chest. He is an emerging singer, songwriter, and producer whose emotionally charged melodies and hooks take listeners by surprise.

His breakout single, “Hill Valley,” has been catching a lot of attention for its many references to the community from the Back to the Future film trilogy. Although subtle, fans can easily pick out the lyrical cues.

Salute Magazine recently caught up with Cameron Dietz to talk about his new music video and what projects he’s working on next.

SALUTE: How and when did you first start making music?

CAMERON DIETZ: Ever since I was a kid. We always had a grand piano in the house, because my mom played the piano. I guess seeing that growing up… I didn’t start making my own stuff until I was a teenager but I was always singing and I was always interested in music. Rap a little bit too. interested in every genre. I didn’t start recording my own stuff until I was 14. I was recording off cell phones. I was just really young and messing around. I just fell in love with it. It’s a way to express myself artistically and I’ve been doing it ever since.

SALUTE: Tell me more about your latest single, “Hill Valley” and your latest EP 3-Day Weekend.

DIETZ: I put that out in June. I live in South Florida, but I actually recorded those three tracks out in Manhattan. I was working there for the summer. So I wrote those three songs and put them together and just recorded them real quick.

“Hill Valley” seemed to be a frontrunner for people. Because it was three songs, people really dig the singles, but “Hill Valley” was a standout so I decided to make a video and it came out pretty cool. It’s been getting a lot of love and it’s just cool to see.

SALUTE:  Tell me more about making the music video

DIETZ: “Hill Valley” seemed to be the one that people gravitated towards and we wanted to really push it and get it out there. We wanted to put a visual to it as best we could. We went out and “Hill Valley” has got a Back to the Future reference, so we went out and rented a DeLorean and shot it in Miami. It was a lot of fun.

It was a process. It probably didn’t take that long to shoot. It’s a very simple video. It’s a longer song… 5 and a half minutes or so. That took some more time writing the shots but it was more fun than a process. People seem to like the results and how it came out and I’m happy with that.

SALUTE: So, I take it you are a big fan of the Robert Zemeckis film trilogy?

Of course… It was kind of random. When I think about the songwriting, and when I making the song, I was just writing about particular events and something just clicked. It wasn’t like I watched the movies recently. I was just writing and I went with it.

With the hook, it would be cool to have these little subliminal references to the movies and it was all off memory. It ended up being cool and beneficial as well because it’s a hip-hop culture reference in general and people love those movies, including myself, so it was kind of cool to pay a homage to it in my own little way.

SALUTE: What’s next for Cameron Dietz?

Right now, I am working on another smaller EP. It’s going to be six tracks, a much fuller EP than my last one.

The last three tracks I put out, “Denver,” “All Day All Night,” and “Hill Valley,” were very spur of the moment type of things. I was out in New York and I wanted to network with some people, so I put those songs together and they ended up being very cool. I’m very happy with how they went out… that was last year.

This year, I’m planning on putting out a six-track EP around late summertime. I am thinking about doing a cool little special project in October. God willing I will be dropping two projects this year which I am really excited about.

SALUTE: Anything in terms of tour?

Before I talk to anyone about that I want to put the content out. Get everybody excited to see this stuff. Who knows? I might do a pop-up show and unveil the music then. It’s a couple months away from that but very soon for sure.

Two projects coming out. I’m always working on stuff. I am always doing new covers on my Instagram. A lot of exciting new covers and guest features. I’m working on these projects and getting it out. People should definitely be excited because it’s going to be awesome. Be sure to check out Cameron Dietz on Twitter and Instagram for updates and more information.


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