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Listen: Daz Dillinger fires diss track ‘True to the Game (Part 2)’ at Kanye

Shots of west coast fury fired.

Daz Dillinger fires shots at Kanye West in his remix of the Ice Cube classic “True to the Game”

Anyone who has been paying attention to the news or social media recently is to some degree or another aware of famed rapper Kanye West making some even more bold and outlandish statements than he usually makes. This time however, MC Daz Dillinger has had enough of Ye’s shenanigans.

Dillinger has decided to fire back at Kanye in the form of a diss track that verbally beats him down for supporting Donald Trump and saying things against his own race.

To do this, Dillinger decided to remix and do his own version of Ice Cube‘s iconic song “True to the Game”, which he titled “True to the Game (Part 2)”.

In this remix Dillinger kept many of the bars the same, but decided to switch some of them out in order to put the heat on Kanye and make it more relevant to today’s times.

This time around, instead of saying “‘N**** go home’ spray painted on your house,” Daz switches things around to:

“‘F*** Trump, n****’ spray painted on your house/Trying to be a white or a jew/But ask yourself, who are they to be equal to?”

Dillinger also elected to swap out Ice Cube’s “white b****” line for a censored word that seems like Yeezy’s wife’s last name “Kardashian.”

Instead of the original line, Daz says:

“Soon as y’all get some dough, you wanna put a [censored word] on your elbow.”

As the song progresses Daz pokes at Kanye for wanting to be like the frequently controversial US president saying:

“You wanna be just like Trump/But Trump is calling you a n*****, you dumb f***.”

Dillinger also takes a moment to have some fun at the expense of Yeezy in regards to his recent liposuction claims, rapping:

“You can’t pass/Trying to get lipo with your black ass.”

This track comes as no surprise, considering last week Daz took to Instagram to claim that West had filed a restraining order against him.

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Listen: Daz Dillinger True to the Game (Part 2)

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