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Met Gala 2018: best hair and makeup looks of the event

Oh, hail the crowns and minimalist makeup

If there is ever a time to indulge in extravagant hair and makeup looks, it’s during the Met Gala. The star-studded event is known for having provocative themes every year, this year’s theme- “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination” was no exception. Unlike other year’s this Met Gala came with multiple different crowns and headpieces that were as elaborate and drool-worthy as the silhouettes they were paired with. Here are the best hair and makeup looks of the night.


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If anyone indulged in the theme it was makeup and music mogul Rihanna. The beautiful singer took direct inspiration from the Pope and wore an almost unreal headpiece encrusted with crystals and jewels perfectly paired with full bleached brows, a rich brown smoky eye and subtle pink ombre lips that were created with new Fenty Beauty products that will launch later this month.

Sarah Jessica Parker

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After sitting out on last year’s event the Sex and the City star made a huge comeback with a gold, jewel-encrusted nativity headpiece paired with bright blue eyeshadow that accentuated her baby blue’s and neutral lips that brought an undeniable freshness to the look.

Kate Bosworth

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It was the simplicity of Bosworth’s aesthetically pleasing approach that made such a big impact. The model/actress paired her veil-like headpiece adorned with cascading pearls and diamonds with a center-parted updo and minimal peachy makeup.


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The actress took a heroine approach with her look inspired by Joan of Arc. The star sported an auburn wavy bob with a fresh short fringe topped off with a minimalist makeup look executed with an acute focus on full brows and topped off with a clear gloss.

Cardi B

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The Bronx princess did not disappoint with her Cardinal inspired ensemble. She showcased a daring headpiece with an even grander matching choker that was paired with an extended cat-eye and matte deep berry lips.


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As a compliment to her Versace angelic-like gown, the singer wore a golden crown with tiny stars at the end on top of a head full of loose curls. Perhaps the most eye-catching aspect of her look was her iridescent eye look with a golden inner corner touch and almost melted tears dripping down her face.

Blake Lively

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The beautiful actress went for a regal look with a tousled updo that allowed her simplistic gilded crown to make a splash. Her makeup consisted of rich jewel tones with a matte soft berry lip.

Rita Ora

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The singer/actress went for a dramatic look with a grandiose headpiece in all black featuring spikes and black roses. The look was accentuated with sleek hair and minimal makeup with a pop of bright pink lipstick.

Jasmine Sanders

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Perhaps inspired by a trendier version of Rapunzel or by her look at the Philip Plein show Sanders sported an elaborate braid adorned with red flowers that seamlessly blended with her golden dress. As for her makeup, the look was minimal and fresh with an emphasis on impeccable skin.

Lily Collins

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The gothic-inspired Givenchy dress was paired with a slicked back breaded updo emphasized by a black metallic Lady Liberty crown that was topped off with a wash of black bedazzled eyeshadow and dark lips. But the stand out of the look was a single red teardrop gem that brought the gothic aesthetics to the next level.

Kim Kardashian-West

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Kardashian-West was seen wearing a simplistic Versace gold dress that appeared to almost melt into her skin. To pair with the simple dress she wore a half updo in a sleek style and a pointed smoky eye with rich black lines that placed the focus directly on her eyes balanced by a nude lip that was created with a lipstick combination from KKW Beauty that will be launching later this month.

Priyanka Chopra

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Chopra wore a beautiful gold, jewel encrusted cascading headpiece that was attached to a shoulder and neck ensemble that added to the berry tones of her dress. The headpiece was accompanied by bold thicker brows and deep whine colored lips.

Every look was grander and more ethereal than the next.

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