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Ghost is like ‘Star Wars’, says band leader Tobias Forge

Ghost from a galaxy far far away?

There is a parallel between Star Wars and Ghost that fans may not have realized

When embarking on a creative endeavor of a wide scale nature, it is natural to hope that what is being done will resonate with people and find its way into people’s hearts in a way that they become emotionally invested at the thrill of it all. Such is the case for Ghost front man Tobias Forge.

Recently Forge (who is better known as his stage personas Papa Emeritus I-III and Cardinal Copia) sat down with Loudwire to talk about certain aspects of his creative process and how he tries to capture people’s hearts and how it is similar to the epic science fiction franchise Star Wars, saying:

“If what I do and what we do is in any way getting into the minds of people and that is thrilling and entertaining notion and that gets people’s minds and souls in movement, that’s a good thing.

First and foremost, this whole thing is an entertainment entity. That’s what it is.

I always try to draw parallels to trying to do the same thing that George Lucas tried to do with Star Wars. I know that the space I see in Star Wars is basically a big warehouse in San Rafael, but it doesn’t matter.

In my world, in my head, I want to believe that that is the Star Wars universe and that’s the same way I want people to believe in the Ghost universe and if people do, then my job is done.

And if they get angry, well, I was upset when they killed Han Solo. That was upsetting.”

Ghost currently have a new album on its way to the public, Prequelle, which will be available for sale June 1.

Ghost are currently embarked on a tour of the United States, the tickets and dates for which can be found here.

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