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Latin heartthrobs Prince Royce & Maluma join forces on a catchy new remix

El Clavo remix

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The Latin heartthrobs Prince Royce & Maluma come together for a scandalous, catchy new single that resonates with many titled El Clavo remix.

The song was originally part of Prince Royce’s latest musical venture- stepping away from his Dominican Bachata roots and stepping into a diversified musical vibe, which is where Maluma comes into play. The Colombian reggaetón/pop singer has become a mastermind at his craft, working with Latin artists such as Shakira, Becky G, and Carlos Vives to name a few and having multiple worldwide hits under his belt.

When the track was first debuted, it became an instant hit due to its memorable beat and relatable lyrics. The lyrics tell the story of a couple who is unhappy together yet remain with each other due to not wanting to start over with someone else, a theme that is quite common according to what Royce told Billboard during an interview, 

“Sometimes I talk to girls and they’re like, “Yeah, I’m with my boyfriend for three years, but I’m not feeling him as much.” So then why are you with him if you ain’t feeling him? Or if you don’t like him? Or if you’re not in love? I think that happens with a lot of people. People stick around for whatever reason, but if you’re not really happy, then what’s the point? On this song, it’s the guy being like, “Don’t tell me you’re still with him. Don’t tell me after he’s done this and that, you’re with him.” So, in the hook, he’s like — I like to talk in third person, but I’m him — “If your boyfriend gets rid of you tonight, you let him know I’m here, ready to go, you know?”

Even though the concept may be common the Dominican singer puts his own spin on it by singing from the perspective of the third party or “the other man.”

The remix with Maluma gives the tune an edge due to the Colombian singer’s signature “sexy, laid back” feel- he adds another level of dimension that perfectly blends with the way Royce has constructed the catchy hit. The remix version of the melody first premiered in April at Maluma’s concert in Los Angeles, since then fans of both singers have been anxiously waiting for the single to drop.

The official El Clavo remix drops this Friday, May 11th.

Both Latin singers are looking to further their careers and maybe do the infamous crossover. However, they have both vowed to remain true to their Hispanic roots and bring the Latin “Sazon” worldwide for everyone to enjoy. Maluma is even considering acting as part of his crossover. As for Royce, he is in the works of sharing new music and may or may not have a few Spanglish tunes in the works. He has also shared a desire to work with fellow Dominican Cardi B.

The tune is a hot banger that is sure to be loved and listened to by Latinos worldwide, plus let’s not forget due to its simple lyrics Abuela is sure to listen to it while she cooks her classic arroz con abichuela that only abuela can perfect make.

Watch El Clavo official music video:

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