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Recap: Lost In Space Episode Three – Infestation

Unexpected guests put the Robinson’s in peril.


The third episode of Lost In Space continues to depict the individual stories of our main characters through flashbacks. This episode begins with a Dr. Smith (aka June Harris) flashback in which she knocks out her well-to-do sister (played by the guest starring Selma Blair.) and takes her place on the Resolute. This episode continues to shine a light on the ruthless nature Dr. Smith will sink to get what she wants.

Dr. Smith is a survivor. A selfish and cowardly woman who will walk over, betray, and kill whoever gets in her way. In another flashback, it is shown that she even killed an innocent man who discovered she wasn’t who she said she was. She continues to use her fabricated backstory, about being a therapist, on the Robinsons. The same one she had told Don West (who is still trapped outside somewhere on the alien planet.) As the Robinson children sleep, she sneaks around their room. Smith takes notices of little things that stand out to use against them.

When the Jupiter 2 is in danger of being destroyed by the layers of ice tumbling down upon it, Dr. Smith threatens to use an ejector pod to escape. However, she decides to help Maureen fix the jammed engine to free the ship from the ice instead. It can be assumed Smith started to bond with this family or more likely, she merely weighed her options and decided that gunning the engines was more likely to end in her survival than flying up through the crevasse and hoping to land safely outside.

When Smith tells Maureen Robinson that she reminds her of her sister, this seems more like Smith acknowledging her as a threat more than a compliment. John Robinson quickly deduces that the reason the ship is suddenly losing power is that a swarm of fuel absorbing wormy eels had found their way onto the ship. This stirs Robot to take action and put Will Robinson into a secluded room for safety. Dr. Smith is locked in there with Will.

Despite the less than life-threatening alien eel storyline, episode three spotlights each of the main characters in individual ways. John is having to contend with trying to reassert himself into his family; Penny being far and away the best comedic part of the show; Maureen trying to be the emotional leader of the group; Judy finally able to overcome her PTSD she developed from episode one; and finally the growing bond between Will and Robot.

Dr. Smith even suggests that despite Robot not being able to understand Will fully; it can probably sense what Will thinks. When they are locked in the room together, Will starts to grow fond of Dr. Smith and possibly sees her as another mother figure. Although, it is quickly revealed that Smith doesn’t see Will as fondly as he sees her. Smith more than likely has pegged the youngest Robinson as an easy target to manipulate.

Dr. Smith spies Will putting a gun the Robot printed under his bed; you can see the wheels turning in her head. The episode ends with the Jupiter making a daring escape from its icy enclosure. As the ship safely falls out of the sky into a forest-like setting, a re-establishment of communications with the Resolute space station is made. Much to the dismay of Dr. Smith, whose last memory on the ship was being detained by the Resolute’s captain. If it weren’t for Robot attacking the ship, Smith would have never had the distraction she needed to con West into piloting her off the space station.

It will be interesting going forward to see how Dr. Smith is going to deal with the possible reunion with the Resolute. But she also has to deal with the looming threat of Don West possibly coming in to contact with the Robinsons and revealing her as a fraud.


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