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Glossier launches its first ever mascara ‘Lash Slick’

The beauty industry’s new favorite mascara

Beauty brand Glossier launched its first ever mascara, making the most anticipated beauty product of the year. After 18 months and 248 iterations, the brand finally added the ‘Lash Slick’ to one’s beauty routine, along with its impressive cloud paints and boy brows.


Retailing for $16, the brand’s first mascara has been defined as one’s ‘everyday mascara,’ reflecting the brand’s concept of their “no makeup, makeup” look. With its plastic tapered comb brush and water-resistant formula, the Lash Slick is meant to lengthen and enhance the look for natural lashes. Meant to prevent clumping, the mascara also promises to lift and cult for a more bare look. With its Japanese Fiber Technology, the curved fibers on the brush extend the lashes for a defined look.

After its launch, Glossier had the opportunity to quickly reveal feedback in a poll of Lash Slick users. On their site, Glossier’s numbers state that 94% of users said the mascara doesn’t flake. Another poll stated that 91% of the users advised the Lash Slick lasts all day without smudging, which is any makeup lover’s dream come true to avoid “raccoon” eyes.

Glossier has slowly taken over the beauty world with its minimalistic feels, easy applications, and skincare routines. From their Milky Jelly to Lidstar Duos and fragrance, the only anticipation lingers as to what can the company launch and catch the Internet by surprise again.

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