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WATCH: Arctic Monkeys take the palace in ‘Four Out of Five’ video

You’ve got rave reviews.

Arctic Monkeys produce a regal beginning to the promotion of their new record

Last Friday, Arctic Monkeys finally broke their silence and released their first new studio album in five years – Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino, their follow-up to the 2013 smash hit AM.

Now in order to get the ball rolling with the celebrating and promoting of then new release, the band have released a music video for the first single from the album “Four Out of Five”.

The video features the band taking over a hotel that honestly seems more like a ginormous palace than anything else. It is most certainly decorated and designed as such.

This would definitely make sense though considering that the name of the new album is Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino.

The video switches between scenes of the band jamming in a room together to members of the band watching things on an old school TV studio editing room set-up from like 30-40+ years ago in the middle of the hotel lobby, to vocalist Alex Turner walking down an underground hallway at a rather quick pace while frequently and anxiously looking over his shoulder, to Turner driving, to other random interspersed things.

The almost acid-trip like nature of the song is certainly matched by the unusual meets mundane nature of the visuals in the style of of famed late film maker Stanley Kubrick presented here.

For most people watching there is not a whole lot of sense to be made, but at the same time everything seems natural and right in some inexplicable way. It is like it was made to be in some kismet sort of way.

Arctic Monkeys are currently touring North America. Any of the remaining tickets to the shows still to be performed are able to be found as well as purchased here.

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Watch: Arctic Monkeys Four Out of Five

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