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Lauren Jauregui was frightened she couldn’t write solo music

Solo, yet still harmonious.

Lauren Jauregui was initially frightened of going solo and writing her own music

Ever since pop vocal group sensation Fifth Harmony went on hiatus within the past year, all of the members have had to find their own way in terms of starting their own solo careers and keeping the music flowing. For Lauren Jauregui this was particularly daunting.

In a recent Twitter Q&A Jauregui opened up about how she was frightened of writing solo songs and thought she would be bad at it.

In a series of three tweets, she explains the experience and encourages others who are frightened of following their dreams, saying:

“Fun fact: I actually only started writing actual songs this year. I had only written two songs in my life completely that I thought were ok and I was too scared of failure to try until my world shifted earlier this year.

My first song was in February. Wrote 2 more after & the rest of the songs you’ll hear I’ve actually written within the past 3 weeks/month. Literally in the studio every day just opening the floodgates of all the shit I never let myself say.

So..yeah lol never give up on yourself and DO IT ANYWAY BECAUSE YOU CAN ONLY GET BETTER. Incredibly..& honesty just like SCARED lol

I was like “nonononooooo I don’t wanna be bad at thissssss it’s literally what I love the mossssstttt” and then I met my friend Khaled (not the DJ, he’s a producer) and he pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me do it anyway.”

Jauregui will be opening up for Halsey on the upcoming Latin America leg of the Hopeless Fountain Kingdom World Tour. Tickets can be found as well as purchased here.

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