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Salute Interview: Soap Opera Star Lamon Archey

Daytime Soap Opera star Lamon Archey has managed to capture the attention of many through his role as Eli Grant on the popular soap opera Days of Our Lives. Starting out as an inexperienced model, he was able to transition into acting. Though he used to be a staple on The Young and the Restless, he’s found his way back to the Days of Our Lives, which is the show that started his acting career.

Now a father to three, this former carpenter has built the foundation to the beginnings of a very prosperous career. Lamon is now looking to expand his career by diving into more types of acting and taking a stab at film writing.

Salute: Explain to me your character Eli Grant in Days of Our Lives?

Lamon: In short, he was brought on as the first Black family member of the Horton family, which is a family that started off on Days of Our Lives 50-some-odd years ago. He came on to the scene realizing that the father he had never known had died. And his who was in Salem, which is a city in Days of Our lives, had been lying to him his whole life.

When he came on the scene he was an FBI agent. He fired as an FBI agent and became a cop. He fell in love with a woman named Gabi [Hernandez], had a one night stand with a woman named Lani [Price] because he thought that his current girlfriend Gabi had cheated on him. Lani got pregnant and that’s where we are now.

Salute: The show recently finished its 53rd season. What were some of the things that Eli went through during the last season and how did he progress compared to past seasons?

Lamon: Within a year, a lot has happened with Eli, meeting a whole new family that he never knew that he had. Also, gaining a lot of relationships with people in the town. He came in as an FBI agent and he was fired for shooting a criminal who was also on the police force; saving a life who was also his girlfriend.

The big story right now is Lani, he who got pregnant during a one night stand. She just revealed in court, under oath, that they had a one night stand and got pregnant. So, that’s now revealed to everyone in the town.

Salute: Have you already started shooting the next season?

Lamon: We don’t really do seasons per say, because the show airs Monday through Friday, throughout the year.  It’s done by year and we shoot six months ahead. Everything that’s being shown on screen now, we shot six months ago. And the stuff that I’m shooting now won’t be aired until six months from now. So, we’re continuously shooting.

Salute: What’s the atmosphere like on set?

Lamon: It’s like a big family. We are there a lot and often work for the most part with the same circle of characters. With that being the case we all have developed a relationship with the guys and the girls. Everyone’s really relaxed and cool. It’s definitely a family bond. A lot of us talk and hang out outside of work as well. There’s definitely no drama like you hear on some sets. At least from what I’ve experienced.

Salute: You mentioned that you continuous shoot throughout the year, so when do you guys get a break and how long is it?

Lamon: We usually get a week off every three weeks. Around Christmas or Thanksgiving, we’ll get like two weeks. We do get our breaks here and there, which I think is needed. If we were to just continuously shoot, we would be way further ahead than six months.

Salute: What do you do on your week off?

Lamon: Most times I’m at the house chilling with the kids. I don’t work every day, Monday through Friday. It depends on what’s going on in my story and what’s the schedule like. Next week, when I go in I’m shooting two episodes on Monday and one episode on Wednesday. So, I’m only shooting two days out that week. Even though I do have days off during that full work week, the days that I’m off is enjoyable, but it’s not like I’ve been busting my butt the entire time.

Salute: Days of Our Lives is the show that you initially started your acting a career. How does it feel for everything to come back full circle?

Lamon: It’s kind of crazy. I can’t remember how many years ago it was that I once played a cop on this show as my first acting gig. Just to come back around full circle, it was crazy. I remember the first day I went in there, I spoke to Kristian Alfonso, who’s still on the show, she didn’t remember that my first scene was with her.

It was just crazy to see some of the people that I saw years ago. I had remembered them because it was my first time being on a set and it was surreal for me at that moment. I had to take it all in. All around it was a good experience.

Salute: You were previously on The Young and the Restless as Mason Wilder. What made you decide to leave that role?

Lamon: On that role, I was recurring. I was on that show for about a year and my character was a villain. It wasn’t that I left, but the character had kind of ran its course at that time. He was in a sticky situation, so he basically bolted out of town after he was caught stealing money and doing a whole bunch of fraud. It was always left open for him to come back, whether it was by me or another guy.

Lamon Archey

Salute: Tell me about how you were discovered to be a model?

Lamon: I was actually at a job fair in Los Angeles, looking for any old 9-to-5 job to pay the bills. There was a woman who came up to me and asked me if I modeled. That wasn’t anything that I had thought about doing or wanted to do at that time. So I told her no and she gave me her number and said, “If you’re ever interested or think it’s something that you ever want to do, give me a call and let me know.”

At the time, I wasn’t making any money so I gave her a call. She introduced me to some people and got the ball rolling.  I was doing carpentry at the time, and that was hard labor. For me to step in and take the pictures or walk on a runway and get a check, that was a life changer for me.

Salute: Do you remember your first modeling job?

Lamon: My first one was a runway show, but my first press job was for a cigar company. I can’t remember the name, but it was some hood job. All I need to know was that I got a check and all I did was took some pictures with some hot women.

Salute: With all of the acting that you’ve done over the years, how do you see your career progressing?

Lamon: I’d definitely like to get into nighttime television and film. Being a soap opera is definitely a learning experience. Being on the show has taught me so much, even when I was on Y&R. So nighttime tv and movie are definitely a goal for me and I’m on that road right now to make that happen.

Salute: Do you think you could ever jump into comedy and make people laugh?

Lamon: You know what, I would love to. I’m looking into taking a comedy class. Comedy is something that I haven’t done too much of and it’s uncharted territory for me. but it’s something that I definitely would like to try out. I think drama has been more of my thing in the past, but I loved to see if comedy works out for me.

Salute: Outside of modeling and acting, what are some other things that you have taken up or activities that you’re involved in?

Lamon: I boxed for about six years until my age started to catch up to me and my shoulder started to wear out. I’m getting old. I can’t do what I used to do in my early 20’s. I still enjoy boxing and I teach my youngest son boxing as well. So, I have a very deep love for boxing.

I played baseball and football up until my sophomore year of high school and I started boxing at 24.

Salute: What else makes Lamon happy?

Lamon: My family. Even though my kids drive me crazy at times, they always find a way to cheer me up and bring a smile on my face. I like going to Six Flags with my son. He’s at that height now where he can go on all the rides. He kind of like me where he has no fear. My daughter is into gymnastics and things like that. My ass ain’t doing it with her, but just taking her to gymnastics and seeing her grow is fun for me.

Salute: Is it true that you have twelve tattoos?

Lamon: Yes. I started getting tattoos when I was 18. Being at the age of 18 and now at my age, there’s a few that I wish that I would’ve have gotten. I always say that I’m done getting tattoos but I don’t know that I truly am. I am considering getting more. My grandfather passed last year, so I am thinking about getting something in respect to him.

I like to keep my tattoos spaced out, so I’m very picky about what I get, how big it is, and where I get it. Right now, I may get my grandfather’s signature, very small.

Salute: With you’re looks and your body being a part of your craft, how do you manage to stay in shape and healthy?

Lamon: That’s a constant struggle because I like to eat. To be honest, when I know that I don’t have to be shirtless for awhile on a shoot or the show, I eat what I want. I still get to the gym, but I don’t worry about my stomach and that takes a toll on my stomach. I’ve talked to the producers on the show and let them know, ‘If you ever know when I need to be shirtless, please give me about three weeks notice so I can diet and make sure that I go hard in the gym on the three weeks. Then I can fix those problems that I’ve accumulated throughout the months of me not being shirtless. ‘

I stay in the gym, but I also get a heads up when I need to be shirtless. If ever I’m on television and someone sees that I’m not in shape, it’s because I didn’t get that heads up and I’m probably pissed off about.

Lamon Archey

Salute: What other projects are you working on?

Lamon: I’m currently in re-writes on a film that I’m writing with Sean Andre called Draw. It deals with a young kid, who has a deep bond with his mother but is also faced with some trials. She a lot of things going on with her boyfriend who is not the father of the child. This has caused a lot of hardships between the mother and son’s relationship. It’s a very sad story about a child trying to cope with his mother’s current relationship.

Salute: Is this your first foray into film writing?

Lamon: Yes. I like it. It’s not easy though. There was a time when I thought we were done writing it. We had a table read for it and we went to the drawing board and scratched a lot of fo things that we had written.  That was a let done to feel like you were done with something and realize that you are not even halfway done.

It’s definitely something that takes a lot of time, a lot of dedication. Which isn’t easy with me having my own work to do on the show. But, It’s something that I’m dedicated to that will get done.

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