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Childish Gambino tops Billboard charts with “This is America”

Dance and shake the frame

Childish Gambino proves he’s unstoppable with his latest smash.

Proving that everything he touches turns to gold, Childish Gambino has taken the world by storm with his latest single “This Is America.”

After premiering it Saturday, May 5th during his double duty as both host and musical guest on Saturday Night Live, Gambino dropped the music video the very next day.

It quickly gained millions of views for not only being a Gambino track, but also for the stark imagery and criticism of the state of America.

Once the video dropped, the song exploded and has now found its spot at no. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart this week.

According to XXL Mag, “This Is America” “has become the most-streamed and top-selling song this week, hitting the top slot on the Streaming Songs and Digital Song Sales charts.”

Of course, a great deal of the streaming records are due to the now iconic video Gambino released over a week ago. The video itself has become divisive.

Some believe that it’s, as Billboard says, “a necessary statement for the politically and socially muddy times of 2018” with its themes of gun violence and African American culture while others believe Gambino is unsure of what statement he is trying to make.

Regardless of which side one finds themselves on, the video is still being watched and discussed which leads to more views and more streams.

The song takes the spot away from heavy contender Drake who has dominated the top spot for months; first with “God’s Plan” and then “Nice for What.”

It proves that Gambino, real name Donald Glover, has the power to take anyone down.

“This Is America” also marks the highest Childish Gambino has charted over the course of his three albums. His track “Redbone” from his sophomore album hit no. 12 last year.

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Watch: Childish Gambino This is America

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