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Tool frontman begs band to finish their parts on new album

Begging for music.

Even front man Maynard James Keenan is begging for the new Tool album now

Fans of alternative metal band Tool have been waiting a considerable amount of time for a new album. Over 12 years have passed since the band’s last album 10,000 Days was released.

It has become a running joke that all kinds of ridiculous things that would never happen will happen before a new Tool album comes out. Now however, singer Maynard James Keenan is also getting sick and tired of the waiting.

This past weekend Keenan at a Tool show at the Northern Invasion festival did something unusual to try to catalyze the process for finishing the album. He donned a set of police riot gear and said to the crowd and band alike:

“Eventually you wonderful people are going to run out of fucking patience. So I beg you, Danny [Carey, drums], Adam [Jones, guitar], and Justin [Chancellor, bass], please finish your parts so I can finish mine.”

Last year Keenan in an interview on The Joe Rogan Experience (which can be viewed in its entirety below) discussed why it takes a long time for the band to write and all of the time, effort, and meticulous detail put into everything, saying:

“Their writing process is so drawn out. And I’m sure there’s a lot of reasons why the delay has been long. Their process is very analytical, and I think, at some point, maybe because so much time has gone by from the last album, there has to be a little bit of fear in here.

[You think to yourself] ‘Is this record gonna be as good as the last one?’ The anticipation now is… Now the pressure is huge, so I’m sure there’s some of that [that] goes into play.”

Keenan’s other band A Perfect Circle put out their first album in 14 years Eat the Elephant last month.

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Watch: Maynard James Keenan interview on The Joe Rogan Experience

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