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WATCH: Kevin Gates releases video for ‘Change Lanes’

Not tryna kick it

Kevin Gates has a new EP and a new video to match.

After releasing a three track EP just yesterday entitled Chained to the City, Louisiana rapper Kevin Gates has already dropped the video for the track “Change Lanes.”

The trio of songs are the first that the rapper has dropped since being released from prison back in January. “Change Lanes” primarily focuses on how his success gave him a luxurious life.

White gold, iced out, Audemars
Foreign car, push button, autostart
Rest and relaxation not involved, goin’ hard Rolls Royce, R&R
Wonder why these n—-s hate me?
Probably ’cause they know they ain’t me

And then it switches to how it all crashed down when he was wrongly convicted of a felony gun possession that kept him in jail beyond his already served six months for kicking a female fan in the face.

I ain’t never been a gang member, Illinois labeled me a gang chief
Political spear, Judge Linehan racist, I’m bein’ sentenced
Wrongful conviction, broke bread and lied to me
Gave him a quarter ticket, he did not appeal it
Layin’ in my cell, lookin’ at the ceiling

But ultimately, Gates discusses how his imprisonment changed him.

Introverted, not tryna kick it, private life, please mind your business
Introverted, these days, introverted, these days
Plain Jane, I done changed lanes, Plain Jane, I done changed lanes

The video reflects this change. Directed by Cole Bennett, who has worked with Lil Pump and King Louie, it sees Kevin Gates not in front of fast cars and pretty ladies, but in front of and inside a derelict building. Instead of highly filtered and sharp, the video is almost fuzzy with its natural lighting and black and white shots.

In addition to “Change Lanes” the EP also includes “Vouch” and “Let It Sing” XXL Mag reports.

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Watch: Kevin Gates Change Lanes

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