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Mac Miller arrested on charges of DUI and hit and run

Don’t drink and drive, kids.

Mac Miller is sitting in jail for drunk driving and committing a hit and run

As if he did not already have quite a bit on his mind bringing him down recently, “Hi” rapper Mac Miller has managed to get himself into some seriously hot water with the law.

According to TMZ, this morning (May 17) Miller was arrested at his home on charges of both driving while under the influence of alcohol as well as committing a hit and run incident.

The news outlet says that Miller had been seen driving his 2016 G-Wagon drunkenly around the San Fernando Valley, after which around 1 AM he rammed his vehicle into a power pole and then decided to flee the scene.

An eyewitness to the events tipped off the authorities with the direction that Miller as well as his friends were rocketing toward, which then lead the cops to run Miller’s plates through the system and find his home address where they later arrested him.

Even though the charges stacked up against him are quite serious and there is a lot going against Miller, he was not in the slightest belligerent at all when arrested.

The police report that when they went to Miller’s home to arrest him, he was “the most polite and nice intoxicated person we’ve ever seen.”

This incident comes after Miller’s current struggle with having recently ended his long time relationship with entertainment icon Ariana Grande.

The two reportedly are still on good terms with one another and are close friends who only ended things due to conflicting schedules.

Miller’s bail is set at $15,000. At press time there is no word as to whether or not it has been paid and he has been released from jail.

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