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LISTEN: Nine Inch Nails premiere dark jazzy ‘God Break Down the Door’

You won’t find the answers here.

Trent Reznor mashes genres together in a darkly beautiful way in Nine Inch Nails’ new single “God Break Down the Door”

Nine Inch Nails has been gearing up for the release of their upcoming EP Bad Witch, which is the third and final EP in a series preceded by 2016’s Not the Actual Events as well as 2017’s ADD VIOLENCE.

Now in order to give the folks out there a taste of what will be coming in this final installment the Trent Reznor lead group has released an intriguing new singled “God Break Down the Door”.

“God Break Down the Door” like many things Trent Reznor does brings a myriad of things to the table, but some of them are more subtle than others.

On surface level it might sound like just another dark synth driven goth techno tune, but upon closer listening there is actually a lot more to it.

If anything, this is a jazz song but with synth thrown in to give it a more modern flare. The upbeat complex rhythm in tandem with subtle smooth swelling of trumpet gives off that jazz fusion vibe that had a noticeable presence in popular music during the 70’s.

If the synth was taken out, it could easily be mistaken for something that came out in that time period.

However, with that synth comes a layer of foreboding shadow that makes the skin crawl and turns heads over shoulders.

The lyrics of course match with that vibe.

Nine Inch Nails is about to embark on a three month long US tour beginning Sept 13 in Phoenix, AZ and ending Dec 12 in LA. Tickets can only be bought by going to the box office of each venue.

Bad Witch is due out June 22.

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Listen: Nine Inch Nails God Break Down the Door

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