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Offset hospitalized from car accident

Lucky to be alive.

Offset escapes nasty scrape with death in car accident in Atlanta

As if Migos rapper Offset did not already have enough piling up on him lately, he just now has escaped something from actually being piled up on him. In this case, a vehicle.

According to TMZ, the “Ric Flair Drip” rapper was hospitalized last night (May 16) after having wrecked his green Dodge Challenger in Atlanta, GA.

At press time it has yet to be disclosed whether or not anyone else was involved in the rapper’s collision, but for whatever reason no emergency workers were called to the scene of the accident and there was no accident report filed to insurance or anyone else.

Luckily for Offset, the injuries he sustained from the accident were rather minor and he has already been released from hospital care and is expected to be just fine.

The same however cannot be said for his luxurious sports car. From the looks of it, it appears to be completely totaled after the death defying accident.

Offset’s pregnant fiance Cardi B came rushing to her significant other’s side the moment she was alerted to the incident to make sure that everything would be all right.

Unfortunately for Offset, this is not the only concern he has facing him at the moment. On May 8 he had his $150,000 gold chain stolen from his New York City hotel room just before he was set to fly out from there.

Also, he and his fiance are currently facing a lawsuit that is coming as a result of a savage beating given to an autograph seeking fan from their security team after the 2018 Met Gala when the couple had decided the fan had gotten too close for their comfort.

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