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WATCH: Backstreet Boys release new single ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart’

No heartbreak here

Backstreet Boys are back in action.

On Thursday, May 17th, boy band sensation The Backstreet Boys made their triumphant return with their latest single “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.”

The song, which is the first from the group in five years, is classic Backstreet Boys. It’s a song about love: how it was difficult before, and how it made them insecure.

But now they want something different, something stronger. They ask the girl to not “go breaking my heart/cause it’s the only one I got.”

Am I being too open?
Cause I told you everything I have to say
And now we’re having a moment
Does it make you wanna pick up all your things
And drive away like it’s stolen?
Just forgive me if I’m being too open

“Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” has a quieter, more relaxed beat during the verses that allows their voices to shine that gets snappier as the pre-chorus comes in.

When the chorus itself hits, it’s a dance track filled with percussion and synths.

In addition to the track itself, the boy band also released its accompanying video. The opening, with each member standing in front of a wall of lights, is vaguely reminiscent of their video for “I Want it That Way,” but the rest of the video feels more modern.

While each member continues to play towards the camera in solo shots against a color, pattern changing wall, the group comes together throughout the video in a three-paneled room against a galactic backdrop.

They maintain the early aughts boy band staple of group choreography as they breeze through each round of the chorus. Towards the end, the members swirl into smoke and reform as another member as the choreography picks up.

The video was directed by Rich + Tone, a popular duo who has worked with artists such as Madonna, Chris Brown, Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry.

CNN reports that the Backstreet Boys will be releasing their new album, their first since 2013, later this year.

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Watch: Backstreet Boys Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

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