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REVIEW: Five Finger Death Punch rage in ‘And Justice for None’

I’ve got nothing left to hide.

Five Finger Death Punch have lost no bit of that angry edge in their seventh studio LP And Justice For None

After problems with their record label Prospect Park and having to sit on it for a year and a half, American heavy metal outfit Five Finger Death Punch have finally released their seventh studio album titled And Justice For None (the title being a nod to Metallica‘s iconic 1989 And Justice For All album).

For those who might have been concerned, the aggression of Five Finger Death Punch has not toned down one single bit on this new album. The opening track “Fake” is instantly plenty of reassurance of that.

Tracks like “Top of the World”, “Top of the World”, “Fire in the Hole”, “It Doesn’t Matter”, and “Rock Bottom” share the same rage driven sentiment and will also do plenty to keep the headbanging and fist pumping going.

However, And Justice For None is not all driving, cranked to 11 rage face stuff. There are some more down to Earth, heart on the sleeve moments in piano and/or acoustic driven ballads such as “I Refuse”, “When the Seasons Change”, and “Gone Away”.

“Sham Pain” stands out in that it has this groove and swagger to it that is unlike anything else on the record.

Thematically it is just as aggressive as the rest of the album, but there is more melody and charisma to it. The layer of acoustic guitar and melodic vocals in the chorus certainly help with that. Rhythmically it has similarities to Ozzy Osbourne‘s “Hellraiser”.

This time around FFDP has done some more covers in addition to the material they wrote, such as The Offspring‘s “Gone Away” as well as Kenny Wayne Shepherd‘s “Blue on Black”.

The “Blue on Black” cover is incredibly faithful to the rustic down home vibe while at the same time adding that Five Finger Death Punch signature heavy crunch.

While the songs themselves on their own are not bad by any stretch of the imagination, it does get a little monotonous to hear seven out of 13 tracks in the key of B – many of which have other noticeable similarities to one another in terms of tone, lyrical content, and construction.

That said, there are still things worthy of one’s time to be found in And Justice For None. This album is nothing if not honest. Those who just have so much pent up rage and need to get it out in a healthy manner will find exactly what they need here. Definitely a cathartic experience.

Rating: 3.25/5

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Listen: Five Finger Death Punch And Justice For None

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