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LISTEN: Jay Rock releases “Win” off of upcoming album

All he does is win

Jay Rock is ready to take a W.

On Wednesday May 16th, rapper Jay Rock staged his comeback when he released his newest single “Win.” The founder of Top Dawg Entertainment tweeted out the news.

“Win” is the highly anticipated first new track that Jay Rock has released since his album 90059 was released three years ago. Rock brags over the beat that he’s focused on not only staying in the game, but proving that he always wins the game.

Third album comin’ soon (yeah), I’m glad y’all gon’ die (I’m glad y’all gon’ die)
I ain’t chasin’ after no bitch
I got bigger plans than stayin’ rich (stayin’ rich)
I’ve been tapped in since I was six (like six)
I tap dance all on a brick (tap dance)
And your diamonds like tap water (tap water)
That shit way too foggy (clean it up)
These VVSs way awesome (what’s up?)

Over the chorus he says “either you with me or against me.” It would seem that Jay Rock doesn’t have time for anyone on his team to see anything but the top.

The track also somewhat features close friend and label mate Kendrick Lamar. While he doesn’t have a verse on the track, XXL Mag reports that he assists Rock on the ad-libs throughout the entire song.

The two recently worked on the track “King’s Dead” with rapper Future for the Black Panther soundtrack.

It’s rumored that “Win” will be featured on Jay Rock’s upcoming third album as he references it in the song. The album was close to being finished at the end of 2017, but was put on hold due to the rapper being in a motorcycle accident. He said,

“I was just healing up, and when I healed up, I just locked in the studio. It’s mixed up, it’s ready to go. You know, it’s the business side, as far as getting things cleared and things of that nature. But it’s ready to go.”

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