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REVIEW: Nick Grant holds nothing back in ‘Dreamin’ Out Loud’

Every day is like Revelations.

There are no holds barred in Nick Grant’s latest outing Dreamin’ Out Loud

Rap is often (though not exclusively) filled with people bragging about the possessions, money, and women they have. Every now and again though, someone comes along who can walk the fine line of talking about something more while also still appealing to the masses. Nick Grant has managed to do just that in his new LP Dreamin’ Out Loud.

Dreamin’ Out Loud explores a variety of topics ranging from but not limited to talking about Grant’s feelings toward his parents, struggling in the hood, respect for black women, defining in detail the ideas of love and hate, etc.

“Save the Trilldren” has a piano driven beat that feels a bit retro in some ways, but not in a way that sounds dated. Even if it did, Grant talking about the struggle that black Americans have to deal with due to white supremacy and systematic racism.

“Father Figure” is incredibly poignant. This is Grant’s letter to each of his parents, essentially. It shows a great deal of respect for his mother and everything she had to do to provide and care for the family while his father was sleeping around and then eventually left the family.

He talks about how he sees so much of his father in him both physically and within and although he respects certain parts of that, he is trying to be better than the example he was given as a child.

“Lincoln Apts.” is one of the crown jewels of this album. Grant delves deep into a streetwise yet educated and philosophical investigation of what the concepts of both love and hate are.

While it has some subtle backing rhythm and female harmonized vocals, the focus is entirely on Grant’s dissection of the topics, ending with a spoken word section by an unlisted female.

Dreamin’ Out Loud is more than most rap albums. While there is a substantial of vernacular that is commonplace in most popular rap, this is an album about topics that are more profound that go above and beyond drugs, women, money, and bragging. Definitely worth checking out for the seamless flow and articulate expression.

Rating 3.25/5

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Listen: Nick Grant Dreamin’ Out Loud

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