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Countdown to destruction begins in X-Men Gold #27 review

Colossus becomes the center piece for Lydia Nance’s evil plot.

Title: X-Men Gold #27

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writer:   Marc Guggenheim

Artists: Geraldo Borges, Arif Prianto

Story Rating: 9

Art Rating: 10

Color Rating: 10

Overall Rating: 10



The X-Men find themselves in a race against time, as one of their own may become the source of extinction to all mutants. When a deadly virus surfaces on Earth its up to the X-Men to stop the sinister substance before it can seep into the hearts and minds of the innocent.

Marc Guggenheim builds the stakes from one villain to the potential death off all mutants through biological warfare. The X-Men may fail in stopping the cunning politician Lydia Nance and artificial intelligence Alpha.

Kitty Pryde and fellow X-Men, Storm, Night Crawler, Rouge, and the rest of the team battle through the hidden fortress to track down Colossus. His genetic structure is fused with a mutagen that has the potential to eliminate all non-human persons.

The comic book offers a ticking clock to which builds suspense and action in the storytelling. Guggenheim delivers large amounts of emotion as the life of one fellow X-Men hangs by a thread. Overall the comic feels rushed when moving from the first act to the next, which leads to characters being available but not as important.

The world of the X-Men comes to life with the vision and skill of Geraldo Borges accompanied by Arif Prianto. Together both the pencil work and color bring forth gripping artwork that is impactful and soothing.

The characters and background are handled with care each with detail and structure forming well developed visuals. Characters share dark outlines and bold colors making them stand out in the forefront of the panel. A realistic element is present for each individual has a unique image whether it is the physical nature or facial components.

A wide range of color comes across the comic the most distinct colors to come forth are red, yellow, and blue. Hues and shades tend to blend upon characters developing a significant light source and flesh pigments.

Powers are enhanced through color with bursts of pigment reflecting how powerful a character is portrayed off the page. Arif makes his mission to bring a color pallet full of wonder while Geraldo builds a foundation that is solid and powerful in each dramatic scene.

The conclusion leaves a cliffhanger one that pushes the story to more powerful conflict. Will the X-Men save Colossus in time or will the deadly virus be triggered wiping out all mutants? Find out as the X-Men race to the ends of the Earth and Space to stop the rocket hurling to the atmosphere.

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