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Louis Vuitton debuts a limited-edition 2018 FIFA World Cup collection

Hexagons and high-end

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Louis Vuitton has kicked off the world’s most watched and anticipated game, the 2018 FIFA World Cup and releases a collection of leather goods. Drawing inspiration from the epic sport, the fashion luxury house has ingeniously included the hexagon pattern in its designs to create a memorable line for stylish soccer fans. 

The fashion house has partnered with FIFA since 2010, as they’ve designed most stylish trunks for the trophies. This year, they’ve gone the extra mile with a limited-edition men’s bags and accessories for the World Cup. Showcasing in three colorways, the collection features LV iconic Keepall and Apollo bags in epi leather. Featuring colors of most flags, the design’s inspiration came from the 1970’s World Cup match ball, where the competition took place in Mexico. 

Taking the competition to Russia this year, the line features leather luggage tags splayed with national flags. Other small leather goods such as laptop cases and wallets, will be featured as well. The collaboration also includes a travel backpack, with a textured feel as is on all accessories. As the competition comes around only every four years, it may be an exciting idea for the fashion house to join in on the tradition in releasing limited edition accessories. Face painted with a matching jersey and a matching ‘Louis’ doesn’t seem too extra for one of the most anticipated competitions.

The Louis Vuitton 2018 FIFA World Cup collection will be available online for purchase on June 14.

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