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Fifth Harmony reunite for “Don’t Say You Love Me” video

It’s not the end

Fifth Harmony gives fans one last goodbye.

After announcing their hiatus back in March to pursue solo careers, girl group Fifth Harmony has reunited to give fans a video for “Don’t Say You Love Me.”

The track, which is about a faulty relationship, seems to have lyrics that are somewhat foretelling of the situation the girls find themselves in.

After all, their hiatus was to pursue solo endeavors. The group could have potentially chosen this as their last single for the parallels it provides.

We’ve been close, but inconsistent
You hold my heart at a safer distance, yeah
You think words can ease the tension
But you can’t deny that something’s missin’

The video sees the girls dressed in black and white gowns as they sing to the camera in a sunlit warehouse. It’s beautiful in its simplicity.

As the video comes to a close, the four remaining members form a circle with their hands laced together. One by one, the girls leave the room, leaving a door ajar.

Fans believe this is the group letting their fans know that the door to Fifth Harmony is still open.

However, the video is reminiscent of another girl group’s final video. Back in 2000, the Spice Girls released their video for “Goodbye.”

While it was more straightforward with the lyrics, the videos echo each other as the Spice Girls, who also went from five to four members before calling it quits, come together in black and white outfits as they sing to the camera.

Their video ends the same way: with the four members linking arms before closing the door. The parallels are undeniable.

If the tweet is any indication, the group, who were thrown together in back in 2012 on X-Factor, it would seem that the group is using this as their final goodbye from the group to their fans.

Instead of a hiatus, this seems to have more finality to it. “Don’t Tell Me You Love Me” feels more like closing a book rather than simply putting a bookmark in before the next chapter.

The group performed their last performance together, according to Billboard, on May 11th.

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Watch: Fifth Harmony Don’t Say You Love Me

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