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Nicki Minaj pushes back release date of upcoming album

The Queen will be late.

Nicki Minaj disappoints legions of fans with the announcement of her forthcoming album Queen being pushed back

Female rap icon Nicki Minaj has been heating up some serious excitement in the world of hip-hop lately for her upcoming album Queen.

So far Minaj has gotten a buzz going with the release of two songs (both with videos) from the album “Chun-Li” as well as “Barbie Tingz”, both of which have gotten tens of millions of views on YouTube in just the past couple of weeks alone.

Minaj has had Queen set for a June 10 release for some time now, but earlier today she made the disheartening announcement that the album’s release would be pushed back toward the end of the coming summer on Aug 10.

Minaj in an Instagram Live session implied that the forthcoming album is not as finished as she would like for it to be and does not want to give her fans anything that is even marginally less than her absolute best.

Apparently due to the pushing back that Minaj has enacted for Queen her record label has expressed serious displeasure toward her. She says:

“I refuse to give y’all half ass. The label can’t accept that.”

Fans can breathe a sigh of relief about one thing, however. While the album’s release date has been pushed back the upcoming tour that Minaj has announced in support of it will still be going on exactly as planned.

There have been no dates posted online yet, but Minaj recently said that there would be an American tour first starting this coming September and then afterward going around the entire world.

Minaj’s previously teased collab record with Big SeanYG, and 2 Chainz is still set to drop later tonight. No title for the track she appears on has been revealed at press time.

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Watch: Nicki Minaj Chun-Li

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