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WATCH: Zayn releases video for new single “Entertainer”

Strip club sadness

Zayn releases another video from his forthcoming sophomore album.

It’s been just over a month since Zayn released the first single, “Let Me,” from his upcoming album. Now he’s following it up with the next single “Entertainer.”

He first teased the song on Twitter on May 22nd with a fast, blurry clip and a time stamp for the next day. On Wednesday, May 23rd, the singer delivered and announced the single and its video launch.

The song, which is the opposite end of the spectrum from its predecessor, discusses how Zayn, in essence, controls the situation and that a girl who he’s seemingly ended things with was merely a source of entertainment rather than love.

Thought that you should know that you were my favorite entertainer
I watch you, and laugh with, and fuck with you
Don’t you play me for a fool
In this game, I own the rules
You were my favorite entertainer
I watch you, I laugh with, with fake it too
Don’t you take me for a fool
I’ma show you a thing or two

The video itself is also much different than “Let Me.” In the previous video, it was all bright colors and sunlight that indicate positive feelings.

In “Entertainer,” Zayn walks alone down a rainy street at night before entering a strip club that bathes the video in red light.

However, it does appear that the two videos are connected as the same girl he ended “Let Me” with also appears about halfway through and leads the viewer to believe that their relationship soured.

This is the second track that Zayn has released from his upcoming album that is currently shrouded in mystery. Pop Crush reveals that the singer was looking to create more accessible, mainstream music this time around.

“Obviously my fans want to listen to something that’s a bit more upbeat and feel-good and not necessarily always as thought-provoking or deep as my s—. I have to do something that’s a bit more mainstream because they want to listen to some fun stuff, rather than listen to depressing songs all the time.”

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Watch: ZAYN Entertainer

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