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REVIEW: Pusha T brings bars and melodies in ‘DAYTONA’

Despite a short duration, Pusha T’s new record DAYTONA has a lot to say

Former Clipse rapper Pusha T after a three year wait has finally put out DAYTONA, a follow-up to his sophomore solo album, 2015’s King Push – Darkest Before Dawn: The Prelude.

Originally the record was going to be named King Push, as a follow-up in the series of sorts started by the previous record, but Pusha T decided to change the name to DAYTONA because it better represented the overall message of the album. He explains, saying:

“I changed the album title from King Push to Daytona because I felt it didn’t represent the overall message of this body of work. Daytona represents the fact that I have the luxury of time. That luxury only comes when you have a skill set that you’re confident in.”

In order to make the album a bit more edgy, one thing Pusha T decided on nearly at last minute was to make the cover art for DAYTONA a snapshot of deceased pop singer Whitney Houston‘s drug filled bathroom.

In some respects, DAYTONA feels more like an EP in that it is only seven tracks long and clocks in at only 21:08. That said, that by no stretch of the imagination means that it has any less meaning and impact to it as any normal length LP.

One of the things that sets DAYTONA apart from other newer hip-hop albums is that rather than just relying on heavy bass and a computer generated beat as the backing track, Pusha T actually involves other instruments as well and has a noticeable amount of melody in his work.

DAYTONA also features the guest talents of Rick Ross as well as Kanye West.

“The Games We Play” has this 70’s R&B feel to it. It has horns, some twangy funky electric guitar, and a steady groove of rhythm.

The bars in this song proudly proclaim the success Pusha T has managed to achieve in his career thus far. He talks of how he has risen above where he used to be and others he knows still are on the street. He claims serious royalty in this track for sure.

One of the most absolute bold and attention attracting tracks on all of DAYTONA is without a doubt Pusha T’s collab with Kanye, “What Would Meek Do?”.

It has been in the news a great deal lately that Kanye West has been showing love and support for controversial US president Donald Trump, which those who have followed the rapper for a long time realize this is quite out of character for him.

However, despite this recently shown support Kanye’s verse in “What Would Meek Do?” is about as anti-Trump as one can get. One part in particular that stands out is:

If you ain’t drivin’ while Black, do they stop you?
Will MAGA hats let me slide like a drive-thru?

Overall this is definitely one of the better hip-hop albums to come out so far this year. It has a lot more creativity to bring to the table than some of the competition and keeps even non-hip-hop fans listening a bit longer than they might have otherwise to other albums. It is worth a listen for certain.

Rating: 3.4/5

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Listen: Pusha T DAYTONA

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