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Kesha’s latest attempt to exit Dr Luke contract shot down by court

Not out of the woods yet.

Kesha’s uphill battle to exit Dr Luke contract keeps getting steeper and steeper

Over the past few years one of the most widely discussed topics in all of main stream pop music is the uphill battle pop idol Kesha has been fighting to escape her contract with producer Dr Luke due to the allegations of sexual abuse she has made against him.

So far however every attempt Kesha has made at accomplishing this goal has been shot down by the court. This happened yet again today when the court decided to uphold the decision made by Judge Konreich.

In 2016 Kesha had made a bid in the court to allow her to void the contract with Luke and all of his business entities, but Konreich ultimately shot it down.

Additionally, the court has also decided to uphold Konreich’s decision to allow Luke’s motion to “compel Kesha to produce documents” of “communications between her counsel and press agents,” citing the documents’ lack of protection under attorney-client privilege since they “do not reflect a discussion of legal strategy relevant to the pending litigation but, rather, a discussion of a public relations strategy.“

Luke, who has been in the process of pursuing a defamation lawsuit against Kesha since 2014 has also filed recent court documents in order to seek $50 million in damages that he has suffered due to the damage the sexual abuse allegations have done to his public reputation and career.

Luke claims he lost work with high profile artists like Katy Perry because of the allegations, stating that he would have made at least $10 million from the work he would have done on the fourth, fifth, and sixth Perry albums alone.

Luke is credited as a producer and writer on Perry’s third album 2013’s Prism, but not 2017’s Witness which is the first album of hers to be made without him.

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