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Valentino Resort 2019

Street chic meets Roman allure

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Pierpaolo Piccioli put together an alluring, feminine, almost Jackie O inspired collection for the latest Valentino Resort 2019 collection.

The range is said to be inspired by the edgy yet contemporary streets of Rome, not the romantic aspect, it’s traditionally known for but for the nitty-gritty streets. Piccioli had a vision of creating a collection that brought Rome directly to the streets of New York City but still had a classic aesthetics behind it.

As for the collection, there was a mixture of silhouettes that took the audience back to different eras including the seventies and eighties where the structure was simple, but every piece had a personality of its own but when paired together they somehow gave off a harmonious feel. Featuring a large focus on mixed brand logos presented on seventies-inspired head scarves, a tunic dress with pleating, structured shirt dresses, and presented on a silk twill tracksuit that was paired with a double cashmere jacket.

The range also showcased lavish embroidering on an Aran sweater, a simple scarf dress that had little to no structure, but was fully embellished with sequins, and on the high cuff sleeves of a mini dress that left the audience gasping for more. Additionally, the brand offered pristine white dresses with simple cuts and structures that brought an airy feel to the lineup. Denim was also seen with simple lines and classic cutout in traditional shades that gave the perfect setting for the bold pieces they were paired with.

Perhaps the highlight of the show were the butterfly theme pieces that were uniquely different, yet bold and romantic, including shoes with butterfly wings, handbags that had an undeniable whimsical feel to them, and on sweaters with vivid hues.

The range felt new and fresh while still having the classic Valentino touch to them. They were regal in a different kind of way.

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