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Meek Mill’s lawyers present new evidence against case judge

Meek strikes back.

Meek Mill’s lawyers have developed a new method to get their client cleared of all of his charges

Much to his fans’ as well as his own relief, rapper Meek Mill has managed to win his freedom from prison last month. However, while he may have won a major battle the war is far from over for him.

Currently Mills’s attempt to get a new judge to preside over his case was denied according to a new TMZ report, but in the mean time his lawyers brought up some rather damaging evidence against current judge Genece Brinkley.

The lawyers brought forth a civil suit that had been filed by Brinkley in which the judge claims that there was the possibility that she had suffered from severe brain trauma as a result of a car accident in 2016.

During the incident in question, Judge Brinkley had been on vacation in St. Maarten on April 26, 2016 and she had been driving on a two lane bridge.

A car going the other direction moved into her lane and proceeded to approach the judge head on. The judge claims she slowed down and came to a stop to try to avoid the collision, but was still struck from behind, resulting in violent injury.

Following the accident Brinkley sued both drivers that had been responsible for her injuries, claiming the accident “may continue to suffer a severe loss of earnings, an impairment of earning capacity or power and other expenses in excess of all statutory limitations.”

According to XXL, the case says:

“In particular, plaintiff sustained severe head trauma, concussion, dizziness, headaches, holes and tears in retina of both eyes, trauma to both hands, neck pain, lumbar spine strain and sprain, knee sprain and pain, and other orthopedic and neurological injuries.

The full extent of which has not yet been fully determined; she suffered severe injuries to her nerves and nervous system with resulting emotional distress.”

The suit also included that Brinkley may henceforth be in some forms disabled as well as incapable of performing the duties that are entailed in her job from the sustained injuries and unfortunately be “deprived of life’s pleasures.”

It is unclear what the verdict for Brinkley’s case was, but Mills’s lawyers are now using this as an opportunity to discredit the judge’s ability to do her job properly and thus get a new judge to preside over the case.

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