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REVIEW: Ghost enter a new chapter in “Prequelle”

Don’t you forget about dying.

Ghost find that sweet balance between dark catchy singles and more exploratory elements in Prequelle

No one has ever really known what to make of Ghost. On a surface level, they seem like just another metal band. However, upon closer examination there are elements of pop, hard rock, classical, and other genres as well.

However, that is exactly what band leader Tobias Forge is going for. After all, music is boring if it just stays the same all the time and never goes on an adventure.

This time around for the band’s new record Prequelle, there is a new front man taking the helm of Ghost: Cardinal Copia.

Forge decided against making a Papa Emeritus IV because he felt the band would get too boring and predictable if he kept doing the same thing over and over again. Instead, he created a new character altogether. Someone younger, with more energy and charisma. Copia certainly does bring those things to the table.

Prequelle seems to have a great deal of that Ghost magic contained within it. It manages to bring forth a good mix of dark catchy singles and more profound and exploratory material.

There are plenty of melodic earworm-like hooks, but it does not forget that it is an evil sounding metal album at the same time. Sort of like other bands that have come before, but at the same time not so much.

Prequelle also has a plethora of well composed moments as well. Forge clearly knows his way around music theory and composition.

The way the guitars, synth, keys, and other instruments intertwine and flow is absolutely seamless and brilliant. It is like a cathedral wall in the form of music.

“Rats”, being one of the main singles is certainly a good choice for an album opener. It has that driving energy that gets the listener excited for what is to come. In terms of its overall sound though, it has this interesting blend of Holy Diver/Last in Line era Dio along with City of Evil era Avenged Sevenfold.

It has that driving crunch and melody of Dio, yet the sinister musical and lyrical overtones of something A7X would have done when they were first getting popular.

“Dance Macabre” was also another good choice for a single. That riff is straight up 80’s metal, though the beat as well as the bass and keys driven verses are certainly a lot more late 90’s/early 2000’s dance music. There are tons of pleasantly harmonized vocals as well.

There are also three instrumental tracks on Prequelle as well, such as “Ashes”, “Miasma”, and “Helvetesfonster”. Each bring their own unique vibe to the table ranging from soft and foreboding, to driving and heavy, to melodic and almost folk-like.

While metal elitists might not care for it, Prequelle overall is still a well constructed album. It brings together elements from so many different genres and puts them all together in a way that almost makes the music its own genre in itself. It was very well thought out and yet still full of love and soul.

Rating: 4/5

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Listen: Ghost Prequelle

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