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REVIEW: Kanye West gives glimpse inside plagued mind in ‘ye’

Believe it or not.

Kanye West gives everyone a bit of insight into his convoluted and troubled world in ye

For a while, things were pretty quiet on the Kanye West front. Ever since the incident where due to a mental breakdown he ended a concert only a few songs in after having already shown up late he got himself mostly if not completely out of the public eye.

Back in March of last year though, Kanye had been spotted out in Wyoming supposedly working on a new album in seclusion. A year later more reports like this came up when a whole plethora of different rap artists started showing up in the town of Jackson Hole, WY.

Finally, Ye came clean and admitted that he did in fact have a new album in the works. In fact, not just one but two. One of his own ye (which came out today) and one with Kid Cudi Kids See Ghost that will be coming out next week (June 8).

ye is surprisingly only seven tracks long and clocks in at 23:41, which makes it seem more like an EP in some respects. However, with as much time and work went into these tracks it is understandable why it was kept to only seven.

For ye, Kanye had quite a few guest artists come out to the studio he was working at in Wyoming and lend their talents to his recordings. Probably more artists than one might think an album that is only seven tracks in total length would possibly have.

Guest appearances on the record include: Ty Dolla $ignValeePARTYNEXTDOORJeremihYoung ThugCharlie WilsonKid CudiJohn LegendNicki Minaj, as well as DeJ Loaf.

The album seems to focus on a variety of things (though all of them of course are in reference to himself) such as how no one understands Yeezy’s genius and the thought process that lead him to supporting Donald Trump. Also there are references to his psychiatric disorders, self-harm and opiate addiction.

There are no songs in particular that stand out as singles from ye. A lot of it feels more like an art project than anything else. Almost as though they are the musical ramblings of a madman.

In terms of music, it does feel a bit messy and rough around the edges. At some parts mid-song during tracks like “I Thought About Killing You” the vibe shifts entirely from laid back and focused on what Kanye was saying about killing someone to a more loud, upbeat gangsta rap style track. No context. No warning.

There is autotune, odd rhythms, cracking and shaky singing, and unusual sounds galore in ye. West was certainly not aiming for mass commercial appeal when constructing these songs.

This is definitely not an album for those who are fond of big earworm hooks and ginormous ego and bravado. This is something that takes multiple listens to understand. Even then, the only person who might fully comprehend it is Kanye himself.

Rating: 3.25/5

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Listen: Kanye West ye

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